Give Your Decision Makers the Exact Information They Need

Your reports shouldn’t be data dumps. Decision makers need information they can use, not table after table to search for minutia. Unfortunately, the built-in reporting functions of many software packages—as well as how they’re initially configured—don’t solve this for you.

Once your managers are overloaded with data, they become lost in spreadsheet chaos. Are our costs close to projections? Did our most recent quarter’s profits increase over last year’s? Does the Procurement Department have enough cash flow to sustain operations? Even the most basic questions become lengthy investigations.

We know that time is your decision makers’ most valuable resource. To help them understand and act upon information quickly, Axelerate experts optimize your software system’s reporting. Collaborating with your management, our engineers and architects develop a solution that delivers fast insights in a user-friendly environment.

Match Each User Group with Relevant Data

Different departments, management levels, and teams need to know very different things. They don’t want to parse through clutter. We customize reporting for your distinct user groups, bringing them only the information that matters to them.

Organize More Effectively with Dashboards

Dashboards are the portals to your enterprise information. Yet most software defaults to either seas of inaccessible charts or no information whatsoever. We provide dashboards that easily categorize information and improve your workflow.