Crafting a Regional Incident Management System by Farayi Chiro

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Like all of you, everyone here at Axelerate has been glued to our TV sets watching the tragic scenes unfold as Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath ravaged the East Coast, leaving towns and cities flooded and millions without power, water or communications.

The task of managing emergency response across multiple jurisdictions is one that is top of mind among State, Local and Regional governments this week. It is a topic that Axelerate recently tackled on behalf of King County.

The Challenge:  How to build a Regional Incident Management System (RIMS) an enterprise platform with multiple data feeds and service calls to/from other national and regional systems that allowed for great collaboration and efficient management of regional incidents.  The enterprise system with a common operating picture across various King County jurisdictions, businesses and organizations

Our Solution: To develop a Regional Incident Management System that allowed for coordinated communications and procedures so that enable State, County, and Municipal governments, along with corporate and community organizations to better manage their response to any type of emergency.  We worked with various King County jurisdictions, special purpose districts, non-governmental organizations, and others to architect, design and build RIMS.  Axelerate delivered a scalable regional incident system based on Microsoft Technologies.


While thankfully King County and the West Coast was not directly impacted by the ravages of Sandy like our friends on the East Coast, we feel confident knowing that with our help, King County and the greater Puget Sound Region is now better prepared to coordinate and collaborate an effective response to any regional emergency that may befall us.

Click here to read the full details of the Regional Incident Management System that Axelerate built for King County, and to learn more about Axelerate’s Public Sector Expertise.


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