Leading Major Technology

When it comes to pushing your organization forward, there are a lot of variables. What technology should you adopt? How will you implement it? What will the transition be like? The layers of complexity pile on. Our experience has taught us that a truly effective solution takes two things: left-brain problem solving and creative thinking. We combine both to deliver the following solutions:

Strategic Technology Assessments

Is your current technological architecture helping or hindering goals? How can it be improved to address future needs? We conduct a full technical review to determine the right path for you.

Strategic Planning

Do you know what technologies you should adopt, how you should deploy them, and their optimal time frame? We do. Our consultants develop a long-term tech plan for your organization.

Technology Budget Management, Appraisals & Purchasing

What’s that revamped server system really going to cost you? How will enterprise software prices fluctuate in the next five years with software-as-a-service taking new territory? Bottom line: we help you make the right investments.

Deployment of Emerging Technologies

How will you stay relevant in the marketplace? What are the hidden costs of integrating a new technology infrastructure? We know what you should really expect and provide practical advice.

CIO on Demand

Not every organization needs a full-time information officer. But when someone else has to take on the work, it becomes more than a part-time job. This service allows you to take advantage of the experience, knowledge and skill set of a CIO on a temporary basis.

Change Management

When you’re integrating new technology, there’s great potential for inefficiency, failures and losses. Our consultants maximize your profit and growth during these complex processes.

Quarterly Review

How close are you to meeting your goals? Are new obstacles or opportunities arising? Once your technology plan is clearly defined, our consultants evaluate your progress to keep you on the right track.