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Axelerated Sync Fit™
Clients often refer to our placement and account management process as “high touch”. That’s purposeful. The rhythm of business keeps accelerating. We can’t afford to be out of sync with your needs even for a moment, so we’ve developed an exclusive account management process with frequent checkpoints. It allows us to match our cadence to yours and use frequent feedback to continuously improve our service.

EVALUATE – Your Needs and the Project Scope
Because our Account Managers are former PMs they can help guide you in a thorough evaluation of your project needs and scope. They know how to ask the right questions to guarantee fit.  We’ll determine your specific requirements: rate, length of contract, technical requirement, certifications, security clearances, and more. Of course, finding the right candidate on paper is straightforward. Finding the right candidate for your culture requires experience. After 10 years and hundreds of placements in dozens of business functions we know temperament and working style can mean the difference between “just another contractor” and a team member too valuable to lose.

MATCH – Your Project to the Right Project Manager
“Recruit” isn’t the right word. Because of our reputation and longevity in the market, qualified candidates often approach us. Even so, our Talent Experts are up to date on the latest technologies and PM methodologies so they can easily discover, attract, and communicate with highly-skilled candidates.

Screening is a rigorous, multi-step collaboration between the Talent Expert and the Account Manager. We demand a face-to-face interview before you ever see a resume. Taking this extra step insures a committed candidate and a superior fit. In addition, we expect our PMs to lead. Project management skills are table stakes. Every candidate is vetted for demonstrated leadership ability, business acumen, and technical knowledge.

We make a significant investment in our PMs through training, mentoring, and certifications to ensure their skills are always fresh and market-ready. Take a moment to review our exclusive Axelerator Tracks™.

The Account Manager will then work personally with each qualified candidate to prepare him or her for your interview. We eliminate uncommitted candidates so that you get only qualified, enthusiastic PMs.

PRESENT & ONBOARD – Your Ideal Candidate
Along with a resume, we’ll give you a brief synopsis that distills how and why this particular candidate is an excellent fit for the position. We don’t believe in surprises. Your candidate will be prepared to hit the ground running. Besides the usual paperwork, equipment and credentialing, we’ll make sure we understand and plan for your preferences for billing, issue resolution, and account management.

ON CONTRACT – Your Consultant, Our Responsibility
We never drop consultants and run. The hallmark of our service is frequent and flexible touchpoints. However, you’re always in control. We’ll adapt our check-ins to meet your needs.

We know the consultant-to-team match is critical, so we welcome opportunities to maximize fit through coaching and skill building. If for any reason a consultant needs to be replaced we’ll work with you to handle it swiftly and smoothly without drama.

Our Quarterly Client Survey is a critical quality control tool that puts consultant performance management where it belongs – with us. This objective survey takes just minutes to fill out and allows you to give candid feedback so we can improve performance and placement.

OFF-BOARDING – Ending the Contract Not the Relationship
Endings should be easy without, well, loose ends. Our Account Managers anticipate the end date and prepare for the contract’s conclusion. We’ll quickly return documents, assets and credentials. But signing off isn’t the same as saying goodbye. We’re in the relationship for the long haul. We’ll follow-up to evaluate your overall experience.

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