Zero Touch Provisioning 4.0

Bridging the Gap Between Organizations and Their IT Departments

The 5-second story: Zero Touch Provisioning 4.0 extends Forefront Identity Manager and System Center Configuration Manager, providing a self-service portal that’s easy for non-IT professionals to use.

The Business Challenge

Our client’s Consulting Services division works with enterprise customers to provide them with maximum value from our client’s products. Two of their technologies—System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)—provide a rich set of capabilities for managing desktops and servers. But those tools were specifically designed for IT professionals, and are not accessible to end users.

The disconnect between enterprise IT departments and the needs of their business groups was causing problems. End users couldn’t even control the deployment of software on their desktops or the management of their operating system migrations.

The Solution

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) 4.0 adds capabilities to existing automation provided by SCCM and FIM, helping enterprise customers manage desktop infrastructures much more efficiently. Instead of routing everything through the IT department, ZTP delivers automation directly to business users so they can access the software tools they need, when they need them.

Eliminating the traditional lag time of manual reviews and responses, ZTP streamlines the end-to-end process of obtaining required approvals with integrating ticketing, licensing and deployment. ZTP 4.0 provides significant improvements over earlier versions, including:

Self-provisioning services: ZTP 4.0 adds services such as application deployment, operating system deployment, and request management. These core services use an extensible workflow that integrates human interactions to delivery capabilities such as conditional approval.

Building blocks: A set of reusable building block components are included that support the core services and provide a framework for the development of new capabilities.

Flexible architecture: ZTP 4.0 provides several pre-built logical components that can be reused, extended, and/or customized for other customer-specific scenarios.

  • Desktop Provisioning Portal
  • Customizable and extensible workflows
  • ZTP Desktop Provisioning Client API (Web Services)
  • The Desktop Provisioning Web Service Proxy
  • System Center Configuration Manager

Working with a large test team from our client’s Global Services team in India, Axelerate provided development and project management on this large project. Upon its launch, performance and scalability goals were reached at one of our client’s customers who had over 120,000 desktops to manage worldwide.

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