Rapid Decommissioning of Legacy Equipment

Saving the Client $250,000 with Efficient Decommissioning of 186 Servers

The 5-second story: Without further need for 186 legacy servers, our client needed someone to plan, schedule and execute an efficient transition.

The Business Challenge

Our client, a Redmond-based software company, has a Service Management Division that designs, engineers, and operates the infrastructure, applications, and services responsible for keeping its business running effectively. The division manages information security risks and drives enterprise business continuity.

Ready to decommission 186 volume licensing servers in FY2010, our client required the expertise and talent of a Senior Program Manager to design and deliver a sound project.

The Solution

Joining in the pre-planning phase, the Program Manager provided project setup, planning, scheduling, ongoing monitoring and control during all phases of the project. Steering the project towards its goal and eliminating unnecessary or wasteful activities, the PM achieved a 34% improvement in deliverable efficiency.

At the same time, the accelerated project timeline allowed for overall time utilization from all resources—including employees and the PM—to be reduced by 27% from forecasts. This immediately resulted in $250,000 of savings for the client. And looking to the future, additional savings will be actualized by redeploying the project’s methodologies on similar initiatives.

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