Quality Management System for Phone Manufacturers

Scaling a Test Suite for Thousands of Users

The 5-second story: By leveraging the scalability of Windows Azure and SQL Azure, QMS allows mobile device manufacturers to efficiently measure each device’s quality and performance.

The Business Challenge

To ensure compliance with phone software and hardware specifications, our client—a Redmond-based software company—required each device built by its partner manufacturers to pass more than 250 test cases.

Unfortunately, some devices fail those tests—and each failure needs to be examined by our client’s quality team. Managing the number of devices, the number of tests and the back-and-forth communication is a very complex, time-consuming challenge for both the OEMS and our client’s team.

The Solution

This software company turned to Axelerate to mastermind and manage the development of the Quality Management System (QMS). Leading a team of 12 developers and six testers, Axelerate deployed a complete system in six quick months.

QMS provides partner OEMs with a full list of test cases, measuring how each device performs in those tests. Designed for a high level of scalability and security, the system runs on Windows Azure and SQL Azure. The solution also facilitates better quality control from OEMs—as a shared data feature allows all OEMs to compare their quality to that of others.

A tremendously complex project, the design of QMS needed to integrate many platforms: Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 for its user interface, Windows Live ID for security and privacy, as well as distributing computing—all while strictly following the client’s best practices for engineering.

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