Partner Program Team’s Capacity Planning

Developing a Portal for Communicating with 640,000 Partners

The 5-second story: The Axelerate team developed a technology solution using ASP.NET 3.5, Ajax, SQL and SharePoint Server that provides our client and its partners with real-time business intelligence on products, sales, inventory and more.

The Business Challenge

A Redmond-based software company’s Partner Program (PP) within their Worldwide Partner Group (WPG) is responsible for the client’s worldwide strategy with over 640,000 independent partner companies. These companies resell and provide services on the client’s technologies for 43 million customers—ranging from the smallest entrepreneurs to the largest global enterprises.

Tasked with bringing greater consistency, uniformity, and stronger BI capabilities to all capacity planning efforts, the PP team needed a convenient portal for both sharing information with and acquiring it from partners.

The Solution

The Axelerate team designed and developed a web application that enabled information exchange across all segments. Integrating a standard GUI for SQL-based tools, an automated database backup and set of maintenance tasks, an asynchronous report rendering process, as well as partner and organizational metrics, the application provided a highly efficient system for our client and its partners.

Upon launch, all parties experienced a rapid uplift in the speed and quality of their business intelligence. With improved data feeds, models, and automated population of revenue, decision-makers now have relevant information readily at their fingertips.

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