Meter Exception Management System

Improving Productivity by 50% at a Regional Utility

The 5-second story: Leveraging multiple technologies, this convenient web-based application consolidates processes and helps eliminate delays for our client.

The Business Challenge

In the energy distribution business, meters often fail or inaccurately report energy consumption. When either of these happens, an exception is created. But all those exceptions need to be analyzed, prioritized, and tracked.

With almost two million customers, our client (a regional utility) has to efficiently and accurately manage all meter exceptions. Before Axelerate’s solution, their employees could only manage meter exceptions through an overcomplicated process—requiring logins for multiple systems, frequent emails, and Excel spreadsheets.

The Solution

The Meter Exception Management System is built on the top of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET 4.0, Silverlight 4.0 and Workflow Foundation 4.0—and offers extensive reporting. Automatically managing data changes, it re-routes information according to company policies and business logic.

Because our client operates in a highly regulated environment, managing the security of the exception system was a key requirement. The authentication is ensured through an Active Directory, and the authorization is managed through a combination of roles and entitlements.

MEMS has also been designed to be scalable from the ground up. Presenting information through a web-based application, it offers the capabilities of traditional business applications (dialogs, printing, and other features) within the convenience of a web browser. Before implementing MEMS, it could take weeks—if not months—before a meter could be attended to. Now, priority meters can be attended immediately.

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