Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet

Planning the Future of a Groundbreaking Security Partnership

The 5-second story: Preparing for its public launch, ICASI needed to transition into truly delivering on its mission. They called upon Axelerate to envision and map their two-year plan.

The Business Challenge

ICASI is a non-profit, multi-vendor collaboration of global technology leaders whose mission is to drive excellence and innovation in security response. Founding members include Cisco Systems, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks and Microsoft. Technical leads and board members are volunteers from member companies that serve as Managers, Directors, General Managers, and Vice Presidents responsible for security response.

To expand membership and build credibility, ICASI needed a two-year deliverables roadmap for transitioning into growth mode and establishing a sustainable leadership structure—one that would no longer depend upon outside consultants. Adding a layer of complexity was the timing. Because the launch coincided with the onset of the economic recession, ICASI faced an even greater need to carefully plan and prioritize its use of resources.

The Solution

Axelerate’s Senior Program Manager, who had already successfully driven the formation and launch of ICASI, switched roles to lead this transition—planning, designing and facilitating the entire program.

Our PM readily developed and implemented a project nomination, vetting, and approval process that now allows ICASI to quickly review and prioritize worthy projects that support its mission. And to ease the new leadership transition, our PM created a self-directed teaming model that blended the needs and resources of all member organizations. Still in use today, this model has allowed ICASI to keep its teams aligned even during growth.

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