Establishing an Effective Project Management Office

How a Top Wireless Provider Transformed Failure into a Competitive Edge

The 5-second story:  A leading wireless provider whose ERP had the highest failure rate in the organization, turned to Axelerate develop an efficient and effective project management office.

The Business Challenge

One of the fastest-growing nationwide wireless service providers was facing challenges due to ineffective enterprise resource planning. It’s ERP group had the highest failure rate across the entire organization. To improve outcomes, the client needed a structured and repeatable project management methodology.

The Solution

Axelerate quickly developed a project management office (PMO) to provide delivery and budgetary guidance, administrative services and common intra-project processes for the project teams. Managers immediately gained traction with an improved arsenal to draw upon—preparing them for anything from issue management to deliverable planning.

By placing project management resources and expertise in one location, teams soon found themselves in better alignment. Goals were clearer, plans were executed more readily, and success rates improved. At the same time, on boarding time for new Project Managers was decreased by giving them a consistent approach to project planning, coordination and communication. Now, the client’s business runs more efficiently than ever.



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