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Preventing Internal Friction and Software Misconfigurations

The 5-second story: An Axelerate Technical Writer updated and reorganized the documentation set for a new software feature, decreasing end-user misconfigurations.

The Business Challenge

After our client’s engineers develop and improve features of a certain software package, its Global Change Operations (GCO) technical personnel are then in charge of installing, uninstalling, and managing those features on thousands of servers in data centers worldwide.

As new versions of two different software packages are released, the support matrix becomes more complex. For one particular feature, existing guides for installation and troubleshooting became outdated to the point where serious misconfiguration incidents were rising.

The Solution

Axelerate’s Technical Writer reviewed the existing document set and consulted with the client’s engineers and architects, quickly grasping the feature’s functionality, its inherent complexity, and the shortcomings of the outdated documents. Editing and rewriting the content, our resource refined the logic of the procedural steps to meet the GCO audience’s needs.

To organize the information more effectively, our resource divided one long installation guide into three separate files—one for each of the currently supported versions of the software. Now, not only have misconfigurations reduced dramatically, so has the time it takes to resolve support issues.

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